Who we are

SEAL is an association of blockchain enthusiasts determined to drive forward the next wave of decentralisation.

Our vision is one of a dynamic and empowered future made possible by the proliferation and uptake of blockchain technology and its associated real-world potential.

We have representation across the world in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia by members with skill sets spanning investment management, management consulting, I.T., marketing and private equity.

SEAL are devoted to the success of our partner projects. Providing the expertise, knowledge, and networking capabilities necessary to deliver practical solutions relevant to your specific needs.

SEAL collaborates with our independent digital media resources to cover unbiased content on blockchain technology and crypto assets. Our partners deliver accurate content covering in-depth decentralized aspects, which we commonly believe will transform the socioeconomic paradigm, one block at a time.


SEAL leverages connections built within the blockchain ecosystem to enable projects to succeed in their delivery and their vision. Our support guides projects to deliver excellence at any stage of their road map.

SEAL's partnership is definitely among the top tier yet down to earth at the same time. They facilitate the process and give assistance till things are achieved. It reminds us what a partner really means and what they should mean in deed
Kenneth Kuo , ioeX CSO
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